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Becoming A Mason

Will I be asked to join?
You will not be solicited to join,   it should be of your own free will and accord, and you must ask to join the Fraternity.  As Freemasons, we believe that membership in an organization as worthy as ours must come from a "sincere wish of being serviceable to your fellow creatures" and not because of coercement or of any promise of material gain of any kind.

Opening the door:
To become a mason, all one has to do, is just ask a mason.

You ask and you shall receive, just contact any of the brother masons by e-mail from this site, or if you know of one to be a mason, just ask him.   It is that simple.

What does it take to be a mason:
To be a mason, you first must posess the basic qualities which are expected from a mason, you must believe in God,  be willing to better youself by learning from your mason brothers, and be willing to teach and help your mason brothers to better themselves.


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